They gave us a technical consultant that is affordable, flexible, and most of all a problem solver.

Helping with covering a distributed non profit for helpdesk IT
San Mateo
Non Profit

Horizon Services is a non profit with 3 offices and over 140 employees in the bay area. They needed an technicians part-time to serve as the "goto" guy in terms of help desk support. They also had projects with flexible labor demands that fluctuated over time.

ScaleDesk was able to match them with a technical that was able to do weekly visits to their offices to both work on onboarding and common IT issues as well as their project. As part of a small team, our tech was also able to cover vacations for the main IT team so they are able so IT functions ran much more smoothly.

They love our tech so much at the end of a 1 year term, they offered him employee status and made him a part of the team!