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ScaleDesk matches IT departments and MSPs with the best pre-vetted IT technicians and software solutions - all on a single platform
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Flexible durations
Fully Vetted Technology Force
ScaleDesk Platform

ScaleDesk right sizes IT teams

Use ScaleDesk to outsource IT processes like helpdesk, IT inventory, AV, or onsite coverage.

Our remote/onsite IT technicians can cover excess workloads either on a full-time or part-time basis.
1-3 days
Time to deploy a tech
Technicians on our platform in 20+ cities

Uses cases we can solve

IT helpdesk coverage (onsite/remote)

IT inventory Services

Transition/Leave coverage

IT consultants/
contract to hires

Filtering the top 5% of IT Technicians

Replacing a painful recruitment process

1. Qualifing the tech

We filter resumes for enterprise/startup/msp experiences to ensure high quality experience

2. Interviewing techs

Our interviewers are IT technicians. We filter for basic networking and systems knowledge over a recorded video interview that we can share with you

3. Verifying certifications/work eligibility

We verify certifications like CCNA, CCNP, CCIE, and Security+. We also do a background and work eligibility checks

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Go through a single interview process and skip to the final interview. Get setup with flexible or full-time roles that you can work with at your own speed.
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